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The vision of Alden Country Real Estate Services is to create a real estate business in harmony with the lands and environments that surround us; with respect to the communities in which we live; and in recognition that the needs of each customer are unique and worthy of honor and respect.

The Benefits of Transactional Brokerage

My Role as Your Broker

Alden County Real Estate is a Leading Berkshire Realtor specializing properties of the Berkshires including Berkshire homes, Berkshire real estate, Berkshire homes for sale and Berkshire properties. Dan Alden represents real estate buyers and home sellers and also Berkshire commercial real estate transactions. This website hosts the Berkshire MLS and provides comprehensive real estate services to buyers and sellers. If you have a property for sale in berkshire county and need a Berkshire Realtor to represent you, you are in the right place.

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“Dan acted as my buyer’s agent in searching for the right house and subsequent purchase. What can i say, Dan is a pro. He knows the Berkshire market … more
by bschworm2


“Dan is a truly outstanding realtor. He quickly understood our needs, gave us a good review of the local market, and didn’t waste our time showing us … more
by mrebell

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As a symbol, it represents the perspective you have about yourself. When a house is seen in the teacup, it will depend on which part of the house is seen during the tea leaf reading. If the front of the house comes to the forefront in the tea cup, it represents the part of you which you portray to the world. If the back of the house is what is seen in the teacup, then your hidden part is what is being shown; side view of the house implies that you are showing yourself to people around you with a partial, inaccurate, or limited way.

Reading the Tea Leaves of Houses