The mission of Alden Country Real Estate Services (ACRES) is to create a new business model for the practice of real estate in the Berkshires and beyond based on holistic and heuristic principles:

  • Holistic (adjective): Characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.
  • Heuristic (adjective): Enabling a person to discover or learn something for themselves.
About Alden Country Real Estate Services


The vision of Alden Country Real Estate Services is to create a real estate business in harmony with the lands and environments that surround us; with respect to the communities in which we live; and in recognition that the needs of each customer are unique and worthy of honor and respect.


About Alden Country Real Estate Services

My guiding business principle is that for nearly every customer, whether a buyer or seller and at any price point, their real estate holdings are likely their most treasured and valuable asset. I consider it to be the highest honor and my greatest professional calling to provide the best possible guidance and management of every real estate transaction to the benefit of my customers and their property.

When it comes to how I envision my business, my motto is, “Bigger isn’t necessarily better, but better is always better”. Since I started selling real estate in 2005, the world of real estate has evolved and changed dramatically, both from within and from outside the industry itself. Despite all the financial ups and downs and technological changes I have witnessed, experienced, and embraced, the most consistent element has been the personal satisfaction I derive from establishing deep connections with my clients through their ever-changing and evolving real estate needs, and from having helped numerous customers through the life changes that come with any real estate transaction.

My abiding love for the natural beauty and wonder of our surroundings, respect for our local sustainable communities, and the human need that we all have for a place to call home motivates me to reflect these values in my business practices and to try to provide every customer an uplifting transactional and inter-personal experience.

Daniel Lenwood Alden

I am a lifelong native of the Berkshires. I live in Mill River, Massachusetts near the banks of the Konkapot River. When I’m not selling real estate (or sometimes in the midst of doing so) I enjoy reading, e-biking, motorcycling, kayaking, meditating, traveling, and soaking in as much art, culture, music, and big ideas as I can.